Mattress sizes are standard, measurement listed by our manufacture for references, please double check your space before ordering. Mattress height may varies based on brand and style: PLEASE ALSO SEE THE BRAND OVERVIEW ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE TO HELP YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT MATTRESS FOR YOU

Cal-King: 72" Wide x 84" Long    Queen: 60" Wide x 80" Long     E-King: 76" Wide x 80" Long        
Full: 54" Wide x 75" Long            Full XL: 54"W x 80"L               Twin XL: 39" Wide x 80" Long 
Twin: 39" Wide x 75" Long

Twin Mattress: Usually standard fit in all daybeds, bunk beds, twin size bed as well as trundle bed. However most trundle allow mattress no taller than 8 inches.

Twin XL Mattress: This mattress usually use for those taller person who needs the length by no room in bedroom for a larger size bed. Combine of two Twin XL can also be use to made an Eastern King Bed, mostly use for adjustable bed so that one person can go up and down while the other will remain in the same position.
Full Mattress: Sometime refer to as double bed, should fit standard in all full size bed.

Cal-King Mattress: This type of king mattress is longer and narrow than the Eastern King mattress. Common size in the west. Recommend for taller person.

Eastern King Mattress: Mostly use in the East Coast as well as commonly in Asian home. This type of king mattress provide extra room in the width to roll around yet shorter than the Cal-King, since shorter person doesn't need the length.